Travelogue: Rainbow Road Minneapolis

A while back I spent a weekend in Minneapolis to do a photo shoot for Prideletics (check out their great line of shirts). While visiting, I made sure to stop at one of my favorite underwear stores, Rainbow Road.

The location is unassuming, tucked in the corner of a strip mall next to a liquor store and Vietnamese restaurant. Once you enter Rainbow Road, you'll quickly see a huge selection of swimwear, underwear, clothing, gifts, and toys. I could likely spend all day trying on stuff in the store, but I had limited time during this visit so I had to make the most of my experience.

The first thing that always draws my eye is the wall of swimwear. Yes, an entire wall of swimwear. Even during autumn in a colder climate, there's a huge variety of swimwear from which to choose. Even better is the majority of the swimwear are speedos, which I love. A few suits caught my eye, but I stopped myself from trying them on because I've come to realize I have more speedos than days of vacation I'd ever have to wear them all so I've gone on a speedo hiatus.

I browsed through a few t-shirts and tanks before turning my attention to the main event...underwear. You'll find a ton of brands represented in this store and I noticed that some brands had been phased in and out since my last visit. I appreciate how this store is always keeping it fresh by adding new gear.

I ended up with my first Addicted brand jockstrap. Very comfortable and stylish...I'd highly recommend. I also decided to try my first Cocksox thong. I've got a few of their briefs, but decided it was time to try one of their thongs. The fabric is soft, smooth, and cradles my body. The back on this thong is much wider than most in my collection...I'm still not sure if the bigger back is right for me, but I absolutely vouch for the comfort of this thong.

Rainbow road also has a variety of rainbow themed gifts, greeting cards, and sex toys. I did some toy shopping as well while I was there to round out my shopping experience. After all, you have to have some fun in life!

If you're ever in Minneapolis, I highly recommend a visit to Rainbow Road. I never fail to make a stop there during my trips to Minneapolis and always look forward to seeing what new items they've added since my previous visit.

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