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One of the things I love about writing about underwear is when friends and readers introduce me to brands I have not yet tried. Recently, a friend introduced me to Agacio by gifting me one of their bikini briefs. Not being one to turn down underwear, I decided to give them a shot.

First, a little background about the Agacio brand. The name is Greek for "good" and the designers focus on finding the perfect mix of comfort and style. I think they've hit the nail on the head. Most of their underwear is a modal spandex fabric which feels light and smooth against the skin. When I slipped into the Agacio bikini brief it felt as if my package fell into place in the underwear...it was the perfect fit!

The pouch design is well done and not only will hold your package comfortably all day, it also looks very sexy. It's a great bulge design to help display you at your best. I know some guys who don't like bulge design pouches because they feel there's too much extra room, but I don't think you'll have that issue with this brand....at least not with the bikini I tried. The fabric seems to mold nicely to whatever size package you're equipped.

As far as style, mine is the navy/royal blue bikini brief. I love the color combo and really like how they stitch the colors together on a diagonal which creates some visual interest to the brief. The additional complimentary teal color on the stitching and piping blended together nicely with the other colors on this bikini. There are a plethora of other colors and styles so there's bound to be something that catches your eye and fits your personal style.

Agacio has a number of cuts. Everything from briefs and bikinis to boxer briefs to jocks and thongs. Each cut also has a variety of price points...from the below $10 range to up to around $20-$25. I love that this is a brand that can work for any budget.

The designers set out to find the perfect fitting underwear that also had style and I think they have succeeded. I envision adding more of these to my collection in the near future, especially since they have such a great price point. I'm thankful that my friend turned me onto this brand and hope that you give them a try and enjoy the as much as I do!

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