To Capri or Not To Capri? That is the Question

I'm guessing that if William Shakespeare had an underwear fetish, that's one of the questions he would have asked. But since he didn't I will. Being one who is adventurous with my underwear, I decided I should branch out and try a Brazilian cut bikini. There are many options out there, but I decided to opt for a brand I love, so I went for the Joe Snyder Capri.

For those unfamiliar with the Brazilian cut bikini, it's somewhere between a thong and a brief. The back doesn't have enough fabric to cover your entire ass, but it covers far more than the traditional thong. I guess it's what happens when a thong and a brief fall in love and have an underwear baby.

Now that you're in the loop with the cut of this bikini, let's talk about how it fits. My first impression of the Joe Snyder Capri was that it gave me an unusual feeling. I wasn't quite sure how I felt. In front was a familiar feeling, the pouch was essentially the same as the traditional Joe Snyder thong. It had just enough room to comfortably hold my package throughout the day. The fabric was silky and smooth and felt great against my skin.

The back was an unfamiliar feeling. I'm used to the feeling of a brief covering my entire ass or a thong with it's strap adjusted between my cheeks, but this half covered ass feeling was unique. My initial concern was that the fabric would ride up throughout the day and end up giving me a massive wedgie. Surprisingly and thankfully, the back stayed in place throughout the day. Once I got over the initial feeling in the back, I quickly forgot what I was even wearing as I went about my day. I made it throughout the entire day without the dreaded wedgie.

This bikini is perfect when you want that sexy pouch look in the front, but don't feel like wearing a thong. It's the perfect hybrid between brief and thong and definitely something you should add to your collection. I will say that if you're of above average endowment, you might want to try one of the Capri styles with a bulge pouch...either the Joe Snyder Bulge Capri or the Joe Snyder Maxibulge Capri.

While I don't think I'll be making the switch to a Brazilian cut bikini on a daily basis, it is fun to have a few of these in my collection for the days when I want something with less coverage but I'm not in the mood for a thong. If you're ready to give one a try, you should definitely give the Joe Snyder Capri a shot.

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