Leather and Jocks and Bears, Oh My!

While I love to write underwear reviews, I also LOVE when I have the opportunity to tell you about events I attend where underwear/gear is at the forefront of the event. I recently attended a Bearracuda dance party as part of Iowa Leather Weekend. Bears, leather, jocks, and dancing, how could it not be fun?!

FIRST LOOK: Up first for me was happy hour. I like to mix in a little of the unexpected, especially with underwear. My pink joe snyder bulge tanga was the perfect pop of color under my otherwise all black outfit. While nobody other than my Instagram followers got a sneak peak, it was still fun and felt great to have something colorful, skimpy, and sexy on underneath. This thong is extremely comfortable and highly recommended for a variety of events.

SECOND LOOK: For the actual dance party, less was more. A gear dress code was enforced so I enjoyed the evening dancing in my Nasty Pig camouflage jockstrap and my leather harness. The jockstrap was super comfortable and combined with the harness, it made a very sexy look. Nasty Pig always has comfortable jocks and gear and this one was no exception.

THE EVENT: The dance floor quickly heated up with all shapes and sizes of men in various types of gear. Jocks, thongs, harnesses, chaps. Everyone was rocking their gear and it was a very body positive environment, which I LOVE. The energy in the club was great and it was awesome to see guys let down their guard and embrace their own sexiness in their gear. If you ever have the chance to attend an event like this, I highly recommend you let your guard down, slip on some underwear that makes you feel sexy, and enjoy a night out.

OVERALL: I love events where gear take center stage and body positivity is high. The Bearracuda party exceeded my expectations and was one of the best nights out I've had in a long time. Check one out if there's one in a city near you.

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