Wanna Wrestle?

Growing up in Iowa, wrestling seemed like one of the biggest sports in existence. It's no surprise then that I've always been a huge fan of singlets. The way they cling to the body and show off all the best parts are just a few reasons I enjoy singlets so much.

Recently, Gruff Pup had a sale on singlets, so I thought it was the perfect time to not only get a new singlet, but also make my first order from that site. I'm impressed by the large selection of singlets on the site. You can even narrow down your options between assless or full back depending on your interest. I've always wanted to try an assless singlet so I figured now was the perfect time!

I opted for the Impulse Singlet in red and blue. The first thing I noticed when the singlet arrived is how big it looked, it just seemed to have more fabric to it than other singlets I own, so I was a little concerned it might be too big for me. I slipped off my clothes and slipped on the singlet and was pleasantly surprised with the fit. The poly/nylon fabric felt great against my skin and the opening in the back fit great on my ass. The fabric has a leather-like look to it which was a fun change of pace from the mesh fabric singlets already in my collection. The fabric had lots of stretch up front to nicely display my package.

I felt the size chart on Gruff Pup's site was accurate. I ordered Medium based on the size chart and it fit as expected. The site does recommend going up a size if you have bigger legs or are extra tall. Again, I thought the fit was perfect, even having slightly thicker thighs, although I was at the lower end of the medium size range so I had room to grow. I love that there are a wide ranges of sizes so guys of most any size can find a singlet that will work for them.

I was impressed not only by the gear I ordered, but also the prompt shipping/delivery. I'll definitely be ordering from Gruff Pup again in the future and I highly recommend checking out the site, especially if you're in the market for a new singlet.

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