Sparkling Doreanse Spartan

I've got a that could result in having my gay card revoked. I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. Yes, you read that correctly. While some view Halloween as the ultimate gay holiday, I've never quite shared the same enthusiasm.

Don't get wrong, I love a good costume. For me though, there's always been a disconnect between my costume ideas and the execution of those ideas. I never plan far enough ahead and hate spending a ton of money on a one-time costume. This year though, everything fell into place fairly easily for me to have a fun costume. Even better, is when I found the perfect underwear to go along with my costume.

The costume was a spartan warrior. A fairly generic costume, but one that came with practically everything I needed and for under 40 bucks...a pretty good deal considering a lot of the costumes I saw in stores and online. But we're not really here to talk about the costume, are we? You came here for the let's get to it.

When I saw the costume in the store, I immediately knew what I would wear underneath. I had just purchased a Doreanse Golden Snake Thong and knew it would be perfect. Of course I knew that few people would see what I was wearing, but it was a fun compliment to my costume that made me feel extra sexy in my costume.

This polyester/spandex thong has just the right amount of flex up front so it was able to nicely but tightly hold my package. It has a great bulge design without protruding too much. The metallic, shiny fabric helps spice up this thong and make it a show stopper.

I was slightly nervous when I ordered this thong. I wondered if it would be all fashion and no function, but no need to worry. This thong is a great mix of sexy style and practical function. I wore it all night, danced the night away, and it was comfortable the entire time. Be sure to pay attention to the size chart to find the right fit for you. I'm typically a medium in most brands, but fell into the small range for this thong and it fit me as expected.

Overall this thong exceeded my expectations. Not only was it sexy and comfortable, it was also very affordable. The Doreanse Gold Snake Thong was the perfect introduction for me to the Doreanse brand and I'm sure I'll be adding a few more of their sexy thongs and other underwear to my collection in the near future.

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