An Old Friend Is Back!

I don't remember at what age I tried my first jockstrap, but it was later than many. It was probably college (they weren't the "in" thing in high school). What I do remember is how amazing it felt and how comfortable it was. That first jock was a classic Bike brand jock, a brand that had been around for over a century and one that I thought would be around for future centuries. I was clearly saddened to learn earlier this year that Bike and my favorite jockstrap were no more. What would I do? What would become my new favorite jock? Would I ever REALLY find one that felt as comfortable as the old classic?

Thankfully I don't have to find out because Bike is back! While it may not be under the same name anymore, the same comfortable, classic styled jockstrap is back! When the good guys at JockstrapCentral delivered the good news recently that Meyer was resurrecting the classic Bike jock, I knew I had to have one for myself.

I decided to keep my expectations low going into this. Sure Meyer reached out to the original production company and used the same fabrics, specifications, etc. but would it really be just the same? Would I love it just as much? The answer is a resounding YES! I actually think I like them MORE now. Perhaps all of mine are just a bit old and worn so I can't recall the brand new feeling of the original Bike jock, but this jock has sealed it's place in my heart as my FAVORITE jockstrap!

What's to love? Soooo much! I LOVE the classic styling of these jocks. Whether it's the traditional 3 inch waistband, the 2 inch waistband, or the slim swimmers jockstrap, they all hold a special place in my heart. They take me back to my first jockstrap and the memories of falling in love with the design and sexiness of a jockstrap. They take me back to a time of exploring my sexuality..I remember the tingly feeling of seeing men in a classic Bike jockstrap and coming to terms with who I was. I think the classic jockstrap designs exude sexy masculinity on any guy and I'm so glad this classic friend is back!

The fabric is just as perfect as ever. My package is supported by the soft and stretchy fabric. It holds up perfectly during a long, sweaty workout. It really is a like an old friend is back offering comfort and support. The leg straps also perfectly frame my ass and support my ass comfortably through whatever workout I put it through. Everything about this jockstrap is perfect and I'm so thrilled that Meyer brought back this timeless jockstrap.

I started by purchasing only one of these. After all, I had my doubts that it could be as good as it once was. Now that I know, I will have to own one of every style and every color. If you loved the traditional Bike brand jocks, then you must order yourself a Meyer jock...or two...or three...or more. They are everything I remember and more and I'm so glad these jockstraps are back!

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