Ask Andy: Time for Trunks

An Instagram follower recently reached out to me with a question about trunks. It's the latest installment of Ask Andy.

"Hey I'm looking to buy some undies, trunks preferably...which brand do you recommend? I was looking at C-in2, but idk, material looks tough."

Many of you know that I prefer my undies on the skimpier side. Part of this has to do with sex appeal, but it also has to do with comfort. Having a bigger booty and thighs, I find that trunks, boxer briefs, etc. just don't work well for me. Despite that, I do have two recommendations for trunks.

C-in 2 Hand Me Down Trunk

C-in 2 is a favorite brand of mine for comfort. The contoured pouch and soft fabric result in a classic, comfortable fit. The Hand Me Down collection is one I especially love because it has that worn-in feel from the very beginning and only gets better over time. There are also a variety of colors to help keep things fun.

ErgoWear Max Suave Boxer

Another amazingly comfortable brand I enjoy is ErgoWear. The ErgoWear pouch lifts and pushes your package out more than the C-in2 and leaves you feeling almost as if you're wearing nothing. The microfiber fabric is perfect to get you and your balls through the workday and a workout There aren't a ton of color or fabric options but they do have a few of the more traditional colors and a few bright pops of color as well.

Do you have underwear questions? Reach out to me and let me help!

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