I Can Stop Anytime I Want, Right?

I made it! The beginning of October marked success for me...I made it an entire month without buying underwear! To some, this may not sound like much of an accomplishment. To others this might sound like a first world gay man problem (I’ll admit it is).

For me though, considering I have nearly doubled my underwear collection during the past year, it was a good time to reset and reevaluate my passion for underwear. It seems ironic that the month I decided to launch a website all about underwear is the month I decided to put myself on a shopping hiatus. But I felt the need to prove to myself that my passion is just a passion and not an addiction. In previous months I had told myself, inside my head, that I could stop buying anytime I wanted. That sounded like a huge red flag so I decided to put myself to the test. Could I go one full month without buying any underwear? The thought of it at first was sad, then it make me feel ridiculous. I mean OF COURSE I can go an entire month without buying anything new, right?

Until I gave up underwear shopping, I didn’t realize how many offers flood my inbox on a daily basis. They try to lure me in with their offers of ten or twenty percent off, free shipping, save $5, etc. I’ll admit that it had been working…I was every marketer's dream! Send me a deal and I would likely buy. At first it was easy to resist. I knew that there would always be more offers another day...my inbox made that abundantly clear. But as the month went on, the more I would browse and want to add to my collection. I’d put things in carts online, just waiting for the day I could buy again.

Then it happened…I saw some underwear on Instagram that I wanted to try. No big deal I told myself...I can order anytime after my hiatus. But what happened about 30 minutes later? I got my daily email from CheapUndies and guess what? The deal of the day was the exact same brand I had been eyeing earlier….50 percent off! The underwear gods were putting me to the test! After giving it some deliberation, I decided that I could pass up the offer and make it through my entire month without a purchase. If it was meant to be, then there would still be some available after my shopping hiatus. Guess what? It was meant to be...October 1st arrived and CheapUndies still had some available...but that’s for another post in the future.

I admit that my month of no shopping did not mean a month of no new underwear. I had made some purchases towards the end of August, before I decided to do a shopping hiatus, and thankfully those orders took some time to arrive. Both orders arrived towards the end of my hiatus and were just the boost I needed to help get me through the month. It felt like a scene from the tv show Survivor…where towards the end of a season they bring on family members of the contestants as an extra boost to help them get through the season. Contestants who have been through weeks with limited food and water and shelter. People who have been through trying situations, nothing like mine. But I could totally relate to that feeling of joy when their family members arrive. In my case though, it was underwear arriving!

So what did I learn from my month-long shopping hiatus? I’ve found that I truly can stop buying when I want. I’ve also learned to focus more on gear that excites me, rather than offers that excite me. Good deals are always out there so there’s no need to rush into a buying decision most of the time.

My hiatus from underwear shopping was admittedly a shallow and funny challenge...I’m humble enough to realize that. Because of that, I decided to make my hiatus good for someone else and made a donation to help hurricane victims because they truly suffered. My pain was shallow and temporary and nothing like the real challenges facing millions right now. I thought I might have some built up desire to go on a shopping spree right away, but that wasn’t the case. Don’t get me wrong, I placed an order or two today, but just for a few items rather than the dozens of items I had put into carts on various websites. My shopping hiatus was a good reset for me, but don’t worry...this is still just the beginning of a lot of new underwear to come...and I’m glad you’re along for the ride!

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