Ask Andy: Gym Thongs

One of my favorite things is answering gear questions from followers so now I’ll be answering some of your questions on my site. The first installment of “Ask Andy” comes from Kurt from Instagram. He asked the following:

I’ve been trying to find a men’s thong for working out, something comfortable and supportive but not something like Andrew Christian where it really lifts and pushes your “junk” out making it very obvious in thin gym shorts. Have any good ideas?

About 95% of the time, I’m a jockstrap guy at the gym. But the other 5% of the time I mix it up with a thong. There’s a definite difference between thongs I wear at the gym vs thongs I wear all day. One of the biggest differences is fabric. Lycra/Spandex thongs are my favorite for all day wear but when it comes to the gym, I want something that breathes well and absorbs sweat so I go for cotton. Here are a few of my favorites for the gym:

OTZI OT3712 New Experience Slip Thong

This is a fairly recent addition to my collection but has quickly become my go-to thong for the gym. I love the mesh pouch which helps keep me cool and dry while offering nice support without putting my bulge on display (it's actually what I have on underneath in the pic above). The cotton strap is comfortable for my workout and it has a nice, sporty design with a few color combo options. I highly recommend this thong for a workout and you can usually find them on sale at

2xist Y-Back Thong

One of my first thongs I ever owned was a RIPS brand y-back thong. They don’t even make them anymore, but the classic y-back thong is still available from a few designers, including 2xist. 2xist has a great contour pouch that offers support without showing off too much. The y-back thongs are sometimes marketed as a jock, but I definitely classify them as a thong. These are classic cotton thongs that aren’t overly exciting when it comes to looks, but would function well for your workout.

Papi Urban Static Thong

I have several Papi styles in my collection and I’ve found their thongs to be good for the gym. They continue to evolve collections and the Urban Static thong is the latest variation. I love the colors/patterns you’ll find. The pouches tend to be on the wider side of things, which aren’t my favorite, but if you’re wanting something supportive that won’t make your bulge stand out too much, you should give these a try. Shopping tip for those in the Midwest, if you have a Gordman’s store near you, you can usually find Papi thongs or jocks for around $7 or $8...which is how I’ve ended up with so many in my collection.

So there you have it, my recommendations for gym thongs that will support you during your workout and not put your package on display. While they may not be the most exciting thongs available, they will certainly fit your needs. If you have a question for a future "Ask Andy" post, reach out to me!

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