Farewell to a Friend: The Bike Jockstrap

Earlier this year while scrolling through Instragram, I came across a sexy post by one of the guys I follow. It was him in his classic bike jockstrap. I was shocked when I read the caption and learned that Bike had gone out of business. Being one who doesn’t always trust what I see on social media, I decided to do my own research and headed over to Jockstrap Central, my trusted source for jockstraps. Their website confirmed it! Bike had indeed gone out of business and the inventory that remained is all that was left! I of course immediately ordered about a half dozen because they are my all time favorite jockstrap.

The Bike jockstrap has been a staple in my daily workout for years. The thought of not being able to replace them when they wear out is still something I have to learn to accept. Thankfully my purchase bought me some time to cope with the news. I've still left a few in their package to save them as collectors items (yes, I'm THAT guy).

What’s so fantastic about this jock? Well it’s one of the originals. They know how to do jocks right. The pouch has just the right amount of stretch to comfortably hold my equipment during a workout. The design is simple, classic, and timeless. Today, jockstraps are designed more for fashion than function and the simple design of the Bike jockstrap continues to make it my go-to at the gym. It can handle a sweaty workout at the gym or in the bedroom and they hold up great over time.

By now you might be wondering what the point of this post is. I’m raving about a jockstrap that is no longer available....or is it? Depending on your size, you can still find some at Jockstrap Central. From the classic 3" to the slimmer swimmers jock, there's a size for everyone, except Medium, which of course is what I wear. I'm considering ordering a few other sizes just because I love them so much.

I am please to see that Jockstrap Central has launched their own line of jockstraps that pay homage to the classic jockstraps that started it all. They are on my list to try, but for now, I'm enjoying my Bike jockstraps for as long as they last.

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