My Fort Troff Treasures

It’s that time of year!...or at least it WAS. I’m talking about the semi-annual sale at Fort Troff. If you’re not familiar with the site, let’s just say it’s not vanilla and the site is definitely NSFW! They call themselves the #1 gay sex toy store and I'd say that's pretty accurate. It’s the type of site that reeks of wild sex and it’s gear reflects that image.

Now when I say sale, I mean SALE! A ton of items are 30-60% off so it was the perfect time for me to score some new gear for a great price. The first thing on my list was the FT Kore Legging in grey. I had purchased the black the previous year during a sale and fell in love with them so of course I had to add the grey. Now I’ll admit, I didn’t really pay attention to the pics or description. I simply saw the word grey and knew I already had black so I ordered those. Turns out the only difference in color is really the waistband and stitching. There’s actually really little noticeable difference between the two colors. Not that this really bugs me, they are fantastic leggings so having more than one pair is fine by me.

The leggings have the perfect amount of stretch...tight enough to show off the body, but not too tight that you feel you’re being constricted. The bulge designed pouch is great for showing off and cradling your package. These are not for the faint of heart or shy guys. There’s a large Fort Troff logo on the back calves so if big logos aren’t your thing, these may not be for you. It’s a fairly sexy design so it works for these. These leggings are functional as well as completely sexy so I highly recommend them. I think I’ll have to order the camo leggings next! Side note, even if leggings aren’t your thing, you don’t want to miss the NSFW featured video on the page for the camo leggings. I need to go cool off!

The second item I scored was a FT Grunt sport jock. I can’t say enough good things about this jock! Much like the leggings, they are a fantastic mix of function and sex appeal. The pouch is soft and smooth and perfectly holds your package during any sort of workout you might encounter. The pouch has holes for ventilation isn’t like a traditional mesh pouch. This is the type of jock that can hold up well at the gym during a grueling workout and equally well in the bedroom having some fun.

Now that the sale is over, there’s limited supply of most gear. You can actually score the leggings at a great price still, but as of this writing, I see no jockstraps on the site. Hopefully new and exciting styles will be coming soon!

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