"That underwear from Instagram"

Let’s talk about “THAT” underwear. You know, the white brief with the stripes that you’ve seen a ton of people on Instagram wearing but you have no idea what brand they are or where to buy them, but you know they look good. That’s the pair I’m talking about.

Sadly, I still can’t tell you what brand they are because only things I can read on the tag are the size, the fact that they are a cotton/lycra mix, and that they are made in China. The rest of the tag is all in what I assume to be Chinese. What I can tell you though is that you can find these many places online. I ordered them from FreedomUndies though you can also find them on Amazon and other sites. They were on sale and I had a promo code from Freedomundies so that’s why I purchased from them.

Let’s talk about these briefs. First, the look is fantastic. They have a sporty cut that basically acts as arrows guiding eyes to your package. The stripes are fun and I love the shades of colors that are slightly different than most underwear you find. Be aware that the colors you see online may vary from the actual color. I ordered the green which online looked to be more of a traditional green color whereas the actual color ended up having more of a jewel tone to it. Either way, I love the look so it didn’t matter to me. The seat of the brief offers full coverage...but just barely on a big booty like mine. It has a unique design with a center seam that branches off towards the bottom of your bottom. There’s a nice white waistband and thicker bands around the legs.

As far as sizing, you definitely need to pay attention to the size chart as these run small. Here are sizes in inches:

M: 26-30

L: 30-34

XL: 34-37

I’m usually a medium, but needed to order these in Large and they fit JUST RIGHT. You’ll notice that some waist sizes are listed in multiple sizes so when in doubt, order up. The blend of cotton and lycra does give this brief a little bitch of stretch, but still order up in size. The quality of this brief is not high so don’t expect it to last forever. Mine has been through a handful or two of washings already and the waistband and leg bands are showing signs of aging already. Search around online and order these for a bargain price so that you can feel good about the fact that they won’t last forever.

One final note about these. Since they come directly from China from just about any of the sites from which you can purchase these, patience is key. You will likely be waiting around 6 weeks for these to arrive and you will probably forget you purchased them until they show up in your mailbox...which actually can be a happy surprise.

Bottom line, these have a fantastic cut and look to them, and some nice color options. They certainly aren’t built to last forever, so enjoy them while they do. Consider buying a few pairs at a time so that you can spread them out to last longer.

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